Brax – Matrix ML3

  • Very stiff lightweight paper cone with unique “MicroSphere” coating consisting of micro ceramic hollow spheres embedded in a polymer layer
  • Low-reflection rubber surround for smooth high frequency roll-off
  • Aerodynamically shaped aluminum diecast basket with optimized voice coil ventilation
  • Ultra-precise machined, vented neodymium magnet system for highest magnetic flux linearity


The new BRAX MATRIX ML3 cone midrange speakers are masterpieces in themselves – handcrafted in Germany with state-of-the-art technology and with only the best materials. When these speakers are implemented as part of a fully active sound system, it becomes clear that they are something made perfect. When this happens, the ML3 speakers are a potent force and hard to be without.  Their extraordinary sound and level capabilities are to be expected from a product carrying the BRAX insignia.

The design signalizes high-quality; the select “made in Germany” components ensure best functionality and clean sound reproduction. The aerodynamically shaped aluminum diecast basket guarantees ideal voice coil-ventilation and a low reflection rubber surround assures unrivalled smooth high frequency roll off.

The very stiff and lightweight paper cone with its revolutionary new “Microsphere” coating provides another contribution to quality and reliability. This patented technology embeds ceramic hollow spheres with a mere diameter of 75 µm in a polyamide layer that is applied to the cone. The special coating not only improves the stiffness of the cone but its inner damping as well. However, this unique stabilization does not increases the weight but ensures lightness and a low total Q factor and outstanding precision in sound reproduction.

In order to meet our high quality requirements and to reach perfect tonal interaction, each speaker set is hand-selected and paired according to its acoustic parameters. Only after the selection process with every speaker set receives its unique serial number which is recorded in our service database.
Once packaged in a precious wooden box, it is now complete and ready to ship and this underlines once again the high-end philosophy of BRAX.

An optional stainless steel mounting ring set including grill (MR3) is also available. The solid stainless steel ring can either be used as mounting ring or grill support ring depending on your mounting position.

מק"ט: 55032 קטגוריה: תגיות: , , , ,


גודל רמקול




עוצמה מקסימלית


עוצמה אפקטיבית

100W RMS

טווח תדרים

250Hz – 8.000Hz

תדירות תהודה





היקף חיצוני

92 מ"מ

קוטר התקנה

76 מ"מ

עומק התקנה

34 מ"מ


נייר עם ציפוי "MicroSphere" המורכב מכדורים חלולים מיקרו -קרמיים המוטבעים בשכבה פולימרית


נפח מומלץ

הגדרות DSP / מגבר מומלצות

0.4 ליטר (תהודה מערכת: 200 הרץ)

תדר הצלבה: 350 הרץ
שיפוע מסנן מינימלי: 12 dB / אוקטובר

0.8 ליטר (תהודה מערכת: 155 הרץ)

תדר הצלבה: 300 הרץ
שיפוע מסנן מינימלי: 12 dB / אוקטובר

1.2 ליטר (תהודה מערכת: 140 הרץ)

תדר הצלבה: 250 הרץ
שיפוע מסנן מינימלי: 24 dB / אוקטובר