Helix – H 400X

  • Extremely stable amplifiers in an extraordinary shallow heatsink
  • Unique Bipolar output transistor technology for unparalleled natural and warm sound experience
  • Fastest drivers for lowest possible THD
  • Processor-controlled technology for optimized operation
  • Fully active crossover with highpass, lowpass and bandpass filter
  • "Input mode" switch for flexible input signal routing
  • RMI (Realmixed Input) for generating an optimised mono-summing signal from
    the left and right channels
  • Smart protection circuits against overheating, over- and undervoltage, speaker short circuiting, low impedance and faulty connection
  • 24 carat gold-plated solid connection terminals suitable for 25 mm² / gauge 4
  • Completely made in Germany by using only selected components

המלאי אזל

The best of both worlds – extremely fast MOSFET driver circuits in Class A operation combined with enormously load-stable, power-potent “afterburners” in bipolar technology. This is the recipe for success for the particularly flat amplifiers, which, thanks to their sophisticated processor control, don’t get their feathers ruffled in any situation. Improved repeatedly over the years, these powerhouses with the characteristic and transparent enclosure covers have reached a sound level that is unrivalled, and not just in the value-for-money category.

מק"ט: P814000 קטגוריה: תגיות: , , ,


ערוצים במגבר

מגבר 4 ערוצים



פעולה רגילה

הספק RMS / מקס

- @ 4Ω

4 על 70 / 140 וואט

- @ 2Ω

4 על 125 / 250 וואט

- @ 1Ω

- מגושר 4Ω

2 על 250 / 500 וואט

- מגושר 2Ω

טכנולוגיית מגבר

קלאס AB



רגישות אות כניסה

RCA 0.8 – 8 Volts

טווח תדרים

20Hz – 20,000Hz


יחס אות לרעש


עיוות (THD)

< 0.009%

גורם שיכוך (Damping Factor)

> 300

מתח הפעלה

9 – 17 V

מידות (גובה x רוחב x עומק)

31.5 על 200 על 336 מ"מ