Helix – HDM

  • SPDIF Direct In function allows to route the audio signals from the HDM module directly to the amplifier output stages for optimized sound performance
  • Cutting-edge BurrBrown DA converters with 32 Bit resolution
  • Accepts digital audio signals up to 96 kHz sample rate
  • Including device-specific side panel



With the HELIX Digital Input Module (HDM) your HELIX amplifier accomplishes the perfect transition to the digital world.

It extends our amplifiers with an integrated HDM slot by one optical digital stereo input and enables completely interference-free and ground-isolated signal transmission in best possible quality right into the amplifier. The module can handle digital audio signals up to a sampling rate of 96 kHz losslessly via fiber optics cable and converts them back to the analog level via two cutting-edge BurrBrown DA converters.

But that's not all – in order to get the very last bit of performance out of the amplifier and avoid even the slightest influence of its input stage, the SPDIF Direct In function can be used to route the audio signal from the HDM module directly and without any detours to the output stages of the amplifier.

This makes your HELIX amplifier absolutely future-proof and perfectly equipped for the combination with our digital signal processors.