Helix – QE10

  • Massive vented subwoofer enclosure made from rigid MDF in order to minimize cabinet vibrations
  • Large-sized DoubleJet port with 38 Hz tuning frequency for deep bass response
  • 4-pole connection terminal with metal bracket for flexible connection configurations – 2 x 2 Ohms, 1 x 4 Ohms or 1 x 1 Ohm
  • Sturdy carpet surface with embroidered HELIX logo
  • Speaker protection via stable metal bars


The QE10 vented subwoofer enclosure is the perfect solution for all those who don´t want to build an enclosure for the Q 10W subwoofer chassis by themselves.
Thanks to the very solid construction made from rigid MDF panels as well as the meticulous alignment to the Q 10W driver, excellent bass performance is guaranteed.
A further feature highlight is the 4-pole connection terminal, which allows most flexible configurations with 2 x 2 Ohms, 1 x 4 Ohms or 1 x 1 Ohm impedance.



גודל רמקול




נפח נטו

30 ליטר


יציאת DoubleJet עם תדר כוונון של 38 הרץ


4 מוטות עם סוגר מתכת לתצורות חיבור גמישות – 2 על 2 אוהם, 1 על 4 אוהם או 1 על 1 אוהם

מידות (גובה x רוחב x עומק)

360 על 550 על 320 מ"מ