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Match – UP 7DSP

  • 7-channel Class HD upgrade amplifier with integrated 8-channel 64 Bit DSP for universal applications
  • MATCH Extension Card slot (MEC) for additional input / output modules like Bluetooth® Audio Streaming, High Resolution Audio Streaming via USB etc.
  • Smart highlevel input with ADEP.3 circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection) and Auto Turn-On function
  • Unique DSP features such as the “Augmented Bass Processing” which dynamically optimizes the bass response of the subwoofer, the “StageXpander” that significantly widens the stereo perspective, the “RealCenter” function, which allows a perfectly focussed sound staging for both driver and co-driver and much more
  • Easy configuration via the intuitive DSP PC-Tool software
  • Start-Stop capability down to 6V supply voltage
  • Optical input in SPDIF format with sampling rate between 12 and 96 kHz
  • Mono RCA output for the connection of an external amplifier e.g. subwoofer amplifier
  • Compact dimensions and low heat dissipation thanks to maximum efficiency


The UP 7DSP is the most powerful MATCH DSP amplifier and comprises our new ADEP.3 circuitry. It offers seven amplifier channels in total as well as an additional preamp output, which allows – in combination with its integrated 8-channel DSP – to perfectly drive individual and complex speaker configurations. Two of the output channels deliver 160 Watts RMS into 2 Ohms – plenty enough for fuelling even large subwoofers.

But brute force is nothing without "smart control" – that's why the UP 7DSP incorporates a stunning powerful 64 Bit DSP of the latest generation, which enables to realize all-new revolutionary and proprietary sound features like the “Augmented Bass Processing”, the “StageXpander” or the “RealCenter” function. Take us by our word – you will experience a truly breathtaking sound performance.

But that's not enough – simply enjoy music from your smartphone in unprecedented quality. The UP 7DSP comes up with a MATCH Extension Card slot (MEC) for additional input and output interfaces like e.g. our Bluetooth® Audio Streaming module or a High Resolution Audio USB sound card.

If the 4 highlevel inputs of the UP 7DSP are not sufficient for your project, you are able to upgrade the amplifier with the MEC ANALOG IN module. This extends the amplifier with two additional analog input channels. This module allows to

  • upgrade OEM premium sound systems which require 2 additional highlevel inputs with up to 30 Volts input sensitivity
  • provide the amplifier with a lowlevel signal
  • connect an additional analog signal source, such as a TV or smartphone

Of course, the additional 2  highlevel inputs provide our proprietary ADEP.3-circuit, the Auto Remote function as well as an adjustable input sensitivity from 1.5 to 30 Volts. Just like the highlevel input the 3.5 mm lowlevel stereo input offers an adjustable sensitivity. The adjustment range is from 0.5 to 8 Volts.

Thanks to our professional and user-friendly DSP PC-Tool software V4 the configuration and set-up of the UP 7DSP is pretty straightforward and intuitive.



ערוצים במגבר

מגבר 7 ערוצים

ערוצים במעבד

מעבד 8 ערוצים




הספק RMS / מקס

- @ 4Ω

5 על 65 / 130 וואט (ערוצים קדמי/אחורי/מרכזי)

- @ 2Ω

- @ 1Ω

- מגושר 4Ω

- מגושר 2Ω

- יציאת סאבוופר @ 4Ω

- יציאת סאבוופר @ 2Ω

2 על 160 / 320 וואט

טכנולוגיית מגבר

קלאס HD


4 כניסות High Input
1 Optical SPDIF (12 – 96 kHz)

רגישות אות כניסה

Highlevel 2.0 – 8.3 Volts


7 יציאות לרמקולים
2 Remote Out

מתח ביציאה RCA

3 Volts RMS

טווח תדרים

20Hz – 22,000Hz

רזולוציית DSP

64 Bit

כוח DSP

295 מגה-הרץ (1.2 מיליארד פעולות MAC/שנייה)

קצב דגימה


סוג DSP

Audio signal processor

ממירי אותות

A/D: BurrBrown
D/A: BurrBrown

יחס אות לרעש (אנלוגי)


יחס אות לרעש (דיגיטלי)


עיוות (THD)

< 0.03%

גורם שיכוך (Damping Factor)

> 100

מתח הפעלה

10.5 – 16 V

מידות (גובה x רוחב x עומק)

46 על 130 על 153 מ"מ