Helix – DSP Mini MK2

 גולשים יקרים, מוצר זה לא קיים כרגע במלאי, אך עדיין ניתן לבצע רכישה ולהבטיח לעצמכם את המוצר באת שיתחדש המלאי. אנו מתחייבים לספק מוצרים שנרכשו במכירה מוקדמת/הזמנה מראש תוך 21 ימים קלנדריים.

ניתן להזמנה מראש


ניתן להזמנה מראש

The next generation of the miniature DSP

The smallest HELIX signal processor gets a worthy successor with the DSP MINI MK2. Like its ancestor, this compact DSP is a real technology package. A powerful 64 Bit audio DSP and BurrBrown converters combined with 96 kHz sampling rate and high resolution audio bandwidth up to over 40 kHz provide exceptional sound quality. The MK2 is also at the top level in terms of measured values – a higher maximum output voltage of 6 Volts, significantly increased signal-to-noise ratio and reduced THD ensure the perfect sound.
Of course, the DSP MINI MK2 is based on the ACO platform with 32 Bit CoProcessor, which not only handles all control tasks with incredible speed, but also enables proprietary sound effects such as Augmented Bass Processing or RealCenter and, last but not least, a channel-separated Input EQ including Input Signal Analyzer (ISA).

Seamless integration and maximum control even in the smallest spaces

As the installation space for sound systems in modern vehicles is becoming increasingly limited, the connection of individual components is getting more complicated and puts the durability of plugs and cables to the test. The Smart Control Port (SCP) of the DSP MINI MK2 allows the multifunctional connection of accessory products and now even takes over their complete power supply. The solid design with snap-in function guarantees a stable connection while helping to prevent plug and cable damage and thus facilitates compact, space-saving installation concepts.

All on board

The equipment package makes it clear that the name of the DSP MINI MK2 only refers to the dimensions as there are absolutely no compromises in terms of functionality. Our intelligent highlevel input with ADEP.3 circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection, 3rd Generation), the Auto Remote switch, an optical input as well as the HELIX Extension Card slot (HEC slot) for system add-ons like Bluetooth® HD or High Resolution audio streaming via USB are, of course, part of the basic features.



ערוצים במעבד

מעבד 6 ערוצים




4 Highlevel speaker input
1 Optical SPDIF (12 – 96 kHz)

רגישות אות כניסה

RCA 2 – 4 Volts
Highlevel 5 – 11 Volts


1 Remote Out

מתח ביציאה RCA

6 Volts

טווח תדרים

10Hz – 44,000Hz

רזולוציית DSP

64 Bit

כוח DSP

295 מגה-הרץ (1.2 מיליארד פעולות MAC/שנייה)

קצב דגימה


סוג DSP

Audio signal processor

ממירי אותות

A/D: Asahi Kasei
D/A: Asahi Kasei

יחס אות לרעש (אנלוגי)


יחס אות לרעש (דיגיטלי)


(אנלוגי) עיוות (THD)


(דיגיטלי) עיוות (THD)


מתח הפעלה

9.6 – 17 V

מידות (גובה x רוחב x עומק)

40 על 104 על 177 מ"מ